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As a manufacturer of electric motors and finished power tools, we at Lee Yeong Industrial Company, with our brand “AGP”, have as our main goal letting our clients all get a good profit by providing tools with the highest possible value and performance. By continuously developing new tools and finding niche markets, we allow our clients to have a decisive competitive advantage in their respective markets. In this win-win situation our Company continues to prosper and thus may serve as the source of livelihood for all of our workers’ families.


AGP has always been a family-owned company and we now employ over 130 highly skilled employees. Right from the company’s inception in 1989, AGP began to design and manufacture the finest motors available. The motor is the very heart of any power tool, and since the founding of our company, we have kept our focus firmly on motor production. Creating a superior motor design requires both art and science. No expense is spared in our quest to create the most durable, powerful and best performing motors for each individually tailored power tool application.

Over 70% of our exports are to Europe include some top power tool brands.

Why choose AGP?

one of our greatest strengths is our ability to control each key part of the power tool production process: This begins with design. We have our own in-house designers and engineers creating original power tool designs. These designs may then go directly to opening tooling and prototype machines.

The next step in the creation of a new power is testing. We have a complete electrical test center where we can perform long-term life expectancy test routines. We program extremely strict test routines to find the limits of our motors’ endurance. We then develop and refine the tools in thorough field testing to make sure they meet or exceed all design requirements. The most important step after proper design and development is the actual series production itself. Each step of design and production are rigorously controlled under ISO 9001 protocols.

We at AGP take great pride in our ability to produce power tools right from an idea, to a design and on to a professional-quality, fully finished tool. Our commitment to power tools doesn’t stop with producing them. We stand behind our tools. Whenever something needs to be solved or improved, we always act quickly and decisively. Our product line covers a wide range of professional tools for a variety of purposes. We try to choose tools which will fill a niche market. This will give our clients a competitive advantage allowing them to always get a good profit.

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