How to anchor a drillstand

June 20, 2024

How to anchor adrillstand

A mechanical anchor is the safest and most reliable way to affix your drillstand to the work surface. It is crucial that this is done properly.

1.You will need to prepare some special tools to perform the anchoring.

2.Measure from the center of the intended hole to the anchoring point. This will be determined by the size of your drillstand’s base. (See the instructions for your drillstand for the appropriate distance.)

3.Using a rotary hammer, drill the hole in the diameter and depth appropriate for your drop-in expansion anchor. The depth of the hole should be about 5-10% longer than the anchor and the diameter should match the diameter of the anchor. (Follow the instructions provided with the anchor.) Once drilled, blow or vacuum out the dust and debris from the hole.

4.Drop the anchor into the hole and use a setting punch and a heavy club hammer to expand the anchor. The expansion cone of the anchor needs to hit the bottom of the hole in order to expand properly. This is a crucial step to ensure that the anchor is secure.

5.Thread your fixing kit stud into the anchor, then place the drillstand over it, followed by the washer and nut. Do not tighten it yet.

6.Precisely aim the drillstand to center on the intended hole. A laser may be used for optimal precision, especially when drilling multiple holes for pipe passes.

7.Adjust the leveling screws on the base to ensure that the base is level. Use a spirit level to check. Then tighten the main fixing nut.

8.Mount the core bit and tighten. Select the desired gear.

10.Check to ensure that all fixings on the drillstand are secure before proceeding.