How to attract new talent into the power tools industry

Energizing the Future of the Power Tools Industry

January 11, 2024

Energizing the Future of the Power Tools Industry

The AGP company is a power tools manufacturer in Taiwan and was founded in 1989. We produce many electric tools for the concrete drilling and cutting industry such as diamond core drill motors and concrete saws. One way that we foster young talent is in our charity activities, which directly supports and encourages children. These are the future leaders of the next generation. To secure a thriving future, power tools manufacturers must engage in strategies that encourage the younger generation to join our field.

AGP Taiwan
Showcasing Technological Advancements

One of the most effective ways to attract young talent to this industry is by highlighting the technological innovations that have revolutionized the sector. The newest high-frequency brushless motor designs are very exciting developments, providing unprecedented motor efficiency. With this, can capture the attention of tech-savvy young individuals who are interested in the latest technological trends.

Sustainability and Social Impact

Today's youth are highly conscious of environmental and social issues. We can attract young talent by aligning our operations with sustainable practices and promoting a positive social impact. The most crucial contribution of this industry is maximizing motor output efficiency, thereby making the most of available resources.  By emphasizing the industry's commitment to minimizing waste and creating tools that enhance efficiency, we can appeal to environmentally conscious individuals.


As the power tools manufacturing industry evolves in response to technological advancements and changing market dynamics, it is essential to engage young talented individuals in this sector's growth. By showcasing technological innovations and emphasizing sustainability, we can effectively attract the next generation of innovators to ensure the industry's continued progress and relevance.

About the author:

Diane Wu is the cofounder and vice president of AGP and has been involved in the power tools manufacturing industry for over 30 years.