Diamond Core Drill Stands


【available from AGP Europe】

Drill stand for up to Ø800 mm maximum drilling capacity (with extension spacers). Ideal for large diameter drilling applications where maximum rigidity is required.

  • Precision roller guidance with fine adjustment
  • Fast and slow ratio crank spindles:
  • Tilt capability with scale
  • Crank handle can be used as a wrench
  • Dovetail motor mounting plate included
  • Use anchoring plate and fixing kit  for fixing the drill stand with a drop in anchor
  • Use clamp bracket to adapt for use with a handheld drilling motor
  • Use extension spacers for core drill diameters over 350 mm
Max. Capacity:
Dry Capacity:
  • Model
  • S800
  • Capacity w/o extension spacers (mm)
  • Ø350
  • Max. Capacity with extension spacers (mm)
  • Ø800
  • Effective Stroke (mm)
  • 760
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
  • 555 x 275 x 1035
  • Weight (Not Including crank handle)
  • 26.5 kg (58.4 lb )
Exploded View & Part List
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Optional Accessories

  • Anchoring Plate
  • Fixing Kit, M12 anchors
  • Jack Screw
  • Modular Extension Spacer, 45 mm
  • Modular Extension Spacer, 100 mm
  • Modular Extension Spacer, 150 mm
  • Modular Extension Spacer, 200 mm
  • Laser Aiming Device, ½" BSP
  • Laser Aiming Device, 1-¼" & Ø 60 mm