Single Speed Magnetic Core Drill

SMD351L, SMD351H

【available from AGP Europe】

Single speed 1100 W magnetic drilling machine for annular cutters up to Ø 35 x 50 mm and twist drills up to 1/2" shank. Features quick-release arbor and adjustable slide height. The speed of the SMD351L is optimized for HSS cutters, and the SMD351H is optimized for TCT cutters.

  • A versatile and economical tool that fulfills the needs of most operators.
  • The quick-adjustable variable height slide allows quick conversion between cutters and twist drills. Lower for cutters, raise for twist drills
  • The Quick-Release arbor makes it quick and tool-free to change cutters and accessories.
1100 W
Max. Capacity:
Annular Cutters: 35 mm x 50 mm | Twist Drills: 13 mm shank x 140 mm
Annular Cutting | Twist Drilling
Dry Capacity:

Variable Slide Height

Allows 230mm total travel for mounting a wide range of cutting tools.

1.1 kW Motor

High-torque motor optimized for steel

drilling applications with overload protection.

Quick-Release Arbor

Tool free cutter changes save time and effort.

Optional Quick-Mounting Chuck

The Weldon shank quick-release chuck adaptor allows quick and easy changes between cutters and chuck modes. This allows a wide range of cutting tools to be used.

  • Model
  • SMD351L/H
  • Power Input
  • 1100W
  • Voltage, Frequency
  • 220-240 V~ 50-60 Hz or 110-120 V~ 50-60 Hz
  • No Load (Rated Load)  Speed
  • SMD351L | 450 (270) /min
    SMD351H | 730 (440) /min
  • Max. Capacity Ø x Depth of Cut of Cutters
  • SMD351L: 42 x 50 mm (1-5/8" x 2") SMD351H: 35 x 50 mm (1-3/8" x 2")
  • Max. Capacity Ø Twist Drills
  • ≤ 1/2" shank
  • Max. Capacity Stroke
  • 140 mm (5-1/2")
  • Overload Protection
  • With
  • Magnetic Adhesion
  • 17,000 N
  • Weight
  • 14.3 kg (31.5 lb)
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Standard Accessories

  • Wrench M8
  • L-Hex Key M2.5
  • L-Hex Key M4
  • T- Wrench M6
  • Coolant Tank Kit
  • Ratchet Strap
  • Chip Guard Kit

Optional Accessories

  • Overload Protection
  • Quick-Release Chuck Adaptor