Magnetic Tapping & Drilling Machine Patented


【available from AGP Europe】

A patented, versatile, 1100 W magnetic tapping & drilling machine. Specially designed, two-mode gearbox with one setting for tapping with auto-reverse, and another setting for standard drilling. Convenient quick-release Bilz no.2 type coupling system.

  • 2 mode gear box with mechanical clutch for optimized torque and cutting speed.
  • Mode Selector for shifting between Auto-Reverse Tapping Mode or Standard Drilling Mode.
  • The Quick-Release arbor makes it quick and tool-free to change cutters and accessories.
  • Depth Meter.
  • Travel Limiter Stop.
1100 W
Max. Capacity:
Taps: 20 mm | Annular Cutters: 35 mm x 50 mm | Twist Drills: 13 mm shank x 150 mm
Auto-Reverse Tapping | Annular Cutting | Twist Drilling
Dry Capacity:

Dual Mode Gearbox

Unique gearbox design allows tapping and standard drilling modes in one machine.

Drilling Mode

With the gearbox in drilling mode, spindle spins at higher rpm for twist drills and annular cutters, so it performs just like a standard mag drill.

Tapping Mode

With the gearbox in tapping mode, push crank handle down for low speed clockwise rotation; push handle up for anticlockwise rotation, and with no pressure on the handle, the spindle stops.

Depth Stop

Adjustable depth stop for tapping blind holes.

Universal Tapping Chuck

The universal tapping chuck is adjustable to grip a wide range of tap sizes.

  • Model
  • TP2000
  • Power Input
  • 1100W
  • Voltage, Frequency
  • 220-240 V~ 50-60 Hz or 110-120 V~ 50-60 Hz
  • Tapping Mode: No Load (Rated Load) Speed
  • 150 (90) /min (350 /min in reverse)
  • Drilling Mode: No Load (Rated Load) Speed
  • 550 (330) /min
  • Spindle Coupling
  • 31mm (Bilz no.2)
  • Annular Cutter Arbor
  • Set Screw Type, 19.05mm (3/4") Weldon Shank
  • Capacity, Cutters: Ø x Depth of Cut
  • 35 mm x 50 mm (1-3/8" x 2")
  • Capacity, Taps: Ø
  • 20 mm (13/16")
  • Capacity, Twist Drills (≤ 1/2" shank): Ø x Depth of Cut
  • 13 mm x 150 mm (1/2" Shank x 6")
  • Magnetic Adhesion
  • 15,000 N
  • Weight
  • 14.5 kg (32 lb)
  • Exploded View & Parts List
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Exploded View & Part List
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Standard Accessories

  • Universal Tap Chuck
  • Wrench M8
  • L-Hex Key M2.5
  • L-Hex Key M4
  • Drill Chuck Adaptor Arbor
  • 1/2" Chuck And Chuck Key
  • Annular Cutter Arbor
  • Coolant Tank Kit
  • Chip Guard Kit
  • Ratchet Strap

Optional Accessories

  • Other sizes of Clamp Collets